“The visual demonstrations were easy to follow and informative. I would highly recommend this course to others.”

“The trainer Angela Yates was well prepared and had a great setup to deliver the course in detail and was easy to follow. This course was delivered in a 1-1 setting and was very easy to follow with hand out. Angela and I had an IT issue, and you would never have known as the course was back on track and on time within moments. The visual demonstrations were easy to follow and informative. I would highly recommend this course to others.”

Peter W., Health, Safety and Facilities Officer

“Would most definitely recommend to anyone …”

The DSE Assessors course was delivered to myself and 6 colleagues at our head office. The tutor, Angela Yates, was very approachable, knowledgeable, professional, and well prepared. No questions were too much trouble to be answered and the responses were empathetic. The course content was well balanced and easy to understand, thanks to Angela’s delivery. Would most definitely recommend to anyone who wishes to learn more about ergonomic workstation assessments and the process involved.

Andy C., Safe and Well Consultant

“…we all left both well trained and enthused …”

Angela at Ergonix expertly delivered a great DSE Assessor training session to the team at Age UK. Her highly engaging and informative training course was a great addition to the skill set of the Safety and Facilities team and we all left both well trained and enthused about the DSE support we will be providing to our colleagues. A great day and thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Steve B., Head of Health & Safety (Age UK)

“Training that transforms…”

Ergonix excellence! Training that transforms: I can now confidently create pain-free productive workdays for clients thanks for this training. Grateful for the ergonomic wisdom gained.

David G., Ergonomic Assessor

“I loved it”

Fantastic, I went in with no knowledge at all and felt enriched and enlightened after. The remote nature means you can’t get as fully hands on with equipment in the practical, but it really doesn’t affect the efficacy of the course at all. I loved it.

Lauren T., Ergonomic Assessor

“…engaging and knowledgeable teacher…Recommended!”

Angela is a very engaging and knowledgeable teacher who was clearly well prepared and made the course accessible. Recommended!

Catherine P., Proofreading Administrator

“interactive with practical exercises”

The DSE Assessor course was interactive with practical exercises to practice setting up DSE and understanding the risks from poor posture. Not having slides made the course engaging and being given the booklet plus additional documents meant that we had some great information to take away and refer back to at a later date.

Katie E., Health and Safety Advisor

“The course is original, interesting and an essential training day for any Ergonomic Assessor”

Angela is an engaging, knowledgeable and warm person to learn from. Aside from her helping me to build on my professional practice in Ergonomic Workstation assessments, Angela was able to give me insight into my own ways of working and gave me the nudge I needed to think about my own Ergonomics which I have already implemented – so thank you for that Angela. She is very knowledgeable about the human form and has experience with different scenarios as well as a vast range of clients. The course is original, interesting and an essential training day for any Ergonomic Assessor. Thank you again Angela.

Amber Annand, Ergonomic Assessor for DSA working with University Students

“I learned so much on this course”

I learned so much on this course. Angela’s delivery was excellent, it was very interactive and informal whilst still containing a lot of very useful content. I particularly liked that slides etc were kept to a minimum, no death by PowerPoint! The workbook and other course materials are excellent… I feel confident that I am now able to perform DSE assessments and I have the theoretical knowledge behind me to support me.

Nicola D., Logistics Services Manager

“A professional but relaxed atmosphere”

The course content and trainer were engaging, clear and informative throughout. A professional but relaxed atmosphere. I would recommend this course to others.

Nick B., Needs Assessor

“visuals and practical demonstrations”

The course was interesting and engaging. Angela made the course easy to follow, providing visuals and practical demonstrations. I now have the theoretical knowledge and ability to confidently carry out a DSE workplace assessment. I would highly recommend the course to others.

Rosie H., Needs Assessor

“the whole day training session was enjoyable from start to finish”

I attended a full day training session with Angela online and I was very impressed. The course content was useful and interesting, Angela was personable and knowledgeable. The length and material covered was useful and informative and overall the whole day training session was enjoyable from start to finish and I feel confident and comfortable with the material that I have learnt and I am ready to start putting it into practise. I would definitely recommend Angela and this course to anyone.

Sandra S., Needs Assessor

“Thank you for a very enjoyable and valuable course…”

Health & Safety Manager, Automotive Industry

“really useful and enjoyable…”

The DSE foundation course by Ergonix was really useful and enjoyable… I fully recommend Ergonix!

Occupational Therapist

“The content went above and beyond…”

Angela is extremely knowledgeable and experienced and imparts a lot of good advice and information with an easy manner… The content went above and beyond… I feel confident I can assess my colleagues and facilitate an ease at their workstation, making them more comfortable in their bodies, promoting their well-being.

Pilates Instructor

“It flowed perfectly…”

I thoroughly enjoyed the DSE workstation assessor course with Angela. It flowed perfectly and had a great mix of both theory and practical work and I now feel competent to carry out a full workstation assessment.


“great attitude & very positive”

I enjoyed this course & I loved how engaging Angela was. She was a great teacher, great attitude & very positive.

Leanne F., Office Manager

“a very knowledgeable and experienced specialist”

The course was really informative, filled with science-backed materials and practice. Angela, a very knowledgeable and experienced specialist, delivered this course engagingly and clearly. I would happily recommend it to my colleagues!

Simona Z., Osteopath

“made the learning process as simple as it can get”

It was daunting at first but the tutor, Angela Yates made the learning process as simple as it can get… the booklets and practical demonstration really helped.

Leo N., Occupational Health Technician

“The course content was excellent”

I am very happy that I did my DSE (Display Screen Equipment) course with Ergonix. The course content was excellent with a good balance between theory and practical! Hearty thanks to Trainer Angela who was very professional but also easy and straight forward. Highly recommended.

Magdalena Z., Occupational Health Technician

“The course was extremely informative and enjoyable”

Angela came to site to carry out the DSE Workstation training course, Angela came fully prepared with handouts and lots of information.

The course was extremely informative and enjoyable. The skills Angela has taught me during this training course will be extremely beneficial for my team. I really enjoyed learning about making the assessments holistic so you are constantly looking at the bigger picture.

I would highly recommend Angela to others, she has a wealth of knowledge that she shares with those on her course!

Nicole O., Office Manager