Accredited DSE Workstation Assessor Course

Benefit From Your Own In-house Health and Safety Expert

For many companies, it makes sense to have your own in-house DSE assessor. Having a competent, accredited assessor in your organisation will save you time and money, help you to comply with HSE regulations, and prevent ill health and absenteeism.

Most often, this will form part of your HR Manager or Facilities Manager’s role. But what about training and accreditation?

It goes without saying that our own Ergonix DSE workstation assessor course is fully accredited by the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors (CIEHF), which means that the course content has been reviewed and approved by the chartered body responsible for ergonomics in the UK.

The aim of this practical, one-day course is to provide the skills and knowledge delegates need to become confident and competent DSE workstation assessors and gain a CIEHF certificate.

The trainer is a chartered physiotherapist with specialist ergonomic knowledge and extensive experience in all types of DSE workstation assessments.

Why you should train with Ergonix…


The Ergonix DSE assessor course is accredited by the CIEHF. This means that the course content has been reviewed and approved by the chartered body responsible for ergonomics in the UK.


Our instructor is a chartered physiotherapist with specialist ergonomic training and has a vast amount of experience in conducting complex DSE assessments. The highly qualified instructor is fully dedicated to helping your team acquire the expertise needed to become skilled DSE assessors.


Our course is interactive, provides case studies and focuses on problem-solving scenarios to maximise learning outcome. We teach delegates to become competent and confident DSE workstation assessors.


A private fully interactive course delivered at your workplace or live online.

Business benefits

  • Ensures compliance with health and safety regulations (HSE DSE)
  • Saves time and money as you will have your own health and safety expertise in-house
  • Upskill existing staff – no need to recruit a DSE specialist
  • Prevent absence from injury and illness
  • Identify and address potential problems and risks early
  • Improve the health and wellbeing of your workforce
  • Optimise workplace performance

Who should attend

  • Businesses who wish to have their own DSE health and safety expertise in-house
  • Staff with responsibility for DSE assessments in the workplace (no previous experience is required)
  • DSE assessors who wish to consolidate and/or update their knowledge
  • Line managers, occupational health professionals, health and safety professionals, health practitioners, facilities managers, HR personnel
  • Delegates who wish to gain the CIEHF certificate

What to expect

  • Delegates will receive a CIEHF certificate
  • The course focuses on real-world problem-solving scenarios which will help delegates develop the skills needed to become competent and confident DSE workstation assessors
  • It’s not just theory! This is a practical, interactive course and delegates will learn through example scenarios and group work
  • The course teaches a rounded, holistic approach to carry out ergonomic assessments, including improving communication skills

This course will teach you to

  • Become a competent and confident DSE workstation assessor
  • Assess individuals holistically
  • Understand the legal guidance and regulations relating to ergonomic workstation assessments
  • Identify hazards and risks (physical, mental and environmental)
  • Design an action plan to reduce risks and promote health
  • Carry out basic anthropometric measurements
  • Make changes and recommendations that meet the needs of the assessed individual
  • Demonstrate an understanding of consent and confidentiality issues
  • Confidently use the DSE workstation assessment checklist

After the course you will receive

  • A 50-page course book
  • DSE workstation assessment checklist
  • Handouts and links to resources
  • CIEHF certificate on successful completion of the course

Assessment of attendees

Attendees are assessed throughout the course via a series of simple exercises, group work, practical tasks and questions. At the end of the course, there is a short test.

Course duration and cost

One day (9:00 am- 4:30 pm)

Maximum 8 delegates per course

Course cost: £295 (we do not charge VAT)

Course dates

DSE Open Courses (virtual)

A fully interactive instructor-led course delivered live online via Zoom. A great choice for individual bookings or when you have one or two people to train.

Open DSE Course Dates (live tutor) 2024

11. 01. 2024 Virtual Classroom

15. 02. 2024 Virtual Classroom

07. 03. 2024 Virtual Classroom

21. 03. 2024 Virtual Classroom

23. 04. 2024 Virtual Classroom

21. 05. 2024 Virtual Classroom

11. 06. 2024 Virtual Classroom

20. 06. 2024 Virtual Classroom

09. 07. 2024 Virtual Classroom

17. 09. 2024 Virtual Classroom

15. 10. 2024 Virtual Classroom

12. 11. 2024 Virtual Classroom

26.11. 2024 Virtual Classroom

03.12. 2024 Virtual Classroom

17. 12. 2024 Virtual Classroom

In-house Training (virtual or in-house)

A private fully interactive course delivered at your workplace or live online at a date of your choice.

Fully Managed DSE Service

DSE Assessor Training Course

DSE Workstation Assessments

Wellbeing Workshops

Why ergonomics matter

Ergonomics aims to reduce workstation discomfort, increasing efficiency and boosting productivity. Think about your own workstation. Are your eyes sore at the end of the day? Do your wrists hurt from typing? Ergonomics helps to create a safer, more comfortable working environment, leading to a better workplace experience and improved performance.

  • Reduced ill health
  • Less risk
  • Increased productivity
  • Better performance
  • Happier workforce

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