Do employees working from home need a DSE risk assessment?As more people are working from home, it is important for employers to ensure their home workstations are set up in a way that minimises the risk of injury. Employers have a responsibility to ensure their staff are safe and comfortable while they work whether its from the office or home.

The HSE DSE Regulations apply to home workers if they are:
  • Working from home on a permanent or long-term basis
  • Hybrid working
  • They are using the DSE on a daily basis for an hour or longer

A DSE (Display Screen Equipment) risk assessment is designed to identify any risks related to the use of display screen equipment such as computers, laptops, tablets and workstations.

The assessment should cover areas such as:
  • The ergonomics of the workstation, including the chair, desk, and computer equipment.
  • The type of work being done, and how it affects the use of DSE.
  • The environment in which the work is being done, including lighting, noise, and temperature.
  • The amount of time spent using DSE, work routine and breaks.
  • Any health or safety issues related to the use of DSE.
  • Whether the employee needs any adjustment to their equipment and/or needs new equipment to use DSE safely.

Also, training should be provided to employees on good ergonomic practices such as how to use their DSE and workstation safely and how to achieve good posture and when and how often to take breaks.

An assessment can be carried out in a variety of forms such as using a self-assessment tool which may be electronic or paper format, virtually (telephone or video call) or a home visit. Once the assessment has been completed, record the assessment and findings. If the employee is working from home and from the office, both assessments need to be recorded.  Employers should take steps to ensure that any risks identified have been addressed. This could include providing special equipment or providing training on how to use DSE safely.

Ultimately, a DSE risk assessment is a crucial part of ensuring that employees working from home or from the office are safe and comfortable. By taking the time to assess the risks associated with DSE use, employers can help to protect their staff and minimise the risk of injury.

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