How do laptops impact on workstation ergonomics

With more and more people working across different office locations and spending some of their days working from home, laptops have become a convenient solution, ensuring people can easily transport their work with them wherever they are. However, the design of a laptop comes with its problems and can, in fact, increase the likelihood of … Continued

Survey shows your workplace can contribute to MSDs

Is your workplace environment contributing to your musculoskeletal problems? A recent survey by Willis Towers Watson has shown that for more than a third of us this is the case. Read this interesting article in the Personnel Today for the full story, which also explains why office DSE workplace assessments are so important in the … Continued

A visual guide to the correct workstation set-up

We all look at the new year as a way to overhaul certain things in our life – perhaps our diet, exercise and generally leading a healthier lifestyle. But have you thought about your health and well-being at work? Many of us who spend the majority of our day at a desk fall in to … Continued

Put out the flames on workplace burnout

It’s not really a surprise many of us let pressures in the workplace get to us – long commutes, demanding jobs and working as many hours as it takes to get through your job list each day. That’s just some of the challenges we can face each day in the work environment. But what’s the … Continued

Migraine Awareness week- how to stop migraines in the workplace

Migraine – a word that strikes fear in to the millions of people who suffer from this sometimes debilitating condition. But what exactly is a migraine? It is more than a headache – it can cause excruciating head pain, disturbed vision, sensitivity to light, sound and smells, feeling sick and vomiting. Migraines can have a … Continued

How to keep active in the workplace

We all know that the daily grind of an office job can leave you feeling, well, a little lacklustre, particularly when you spend the majority of it glued to your desk. It’s easy to get your head down in  your laptop screen working your way through your to-do list, without getting up from your desk … Continued

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