Advanced DSE Workstation Assessment

What is an advanced DSE assessment?

  • Carried out by a chartered physiotherapist with specialist ergonomic training
  • The physiotherapist assessor has an in-depth knowledge of posture and musculoskeletal issues and is therefore able to advise on postural changes, preventative exercises and exercises to decrease pain
  • All advice and exercises are tailored to each individual’s needs

Any relevant medical conditions, work place requirements and tasks involved are discussed with the individual and related to the assessment.


We observe and analyse the environment, the individual’s posture and the tasks the individual carries out at their workstation(s).


Measurements of the individual and workstation components may be taken.

Education and recommendation

We educate the individual on good ergonomic practices and we make clear recommendations based on the assessment findings. Photographs may be taken for educational reasons and may be included in the report (only with the client’s consent).


We change what we can while on-site.

Advanced DSE workstation assessment report: Detailed written report on findings and recommendations for change will be produced (6-12 pages).

Duration of the advanced DSE workstation assessment: The assessment process takes between 1 and 2 hours depending on complexity.

Consent: Written consent will be required from the end-user prior to the assessment.

Areas we cover: London, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.


How does the DSE specialist workstation assessment differ from the advanced assessment?

DSE workstation assessment Specialist assessment Advanced assessment
Duration of the assessment 1 hour 1-2 hours
Healthy individuals and new employees
Musculoskeletal issues
Discussion of medical conditions
Measurements (user and workstation)
Photographs of workstation X
Adaptation of workstation
Report Tick box report and report on recommendations Full written report (6 - 12 pages)
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