How to spread some festive cheer to your employees this Christmas

The festive season may be fast approaching, but we all know that Christmas is likely to be somewhat different this year than we are used to. Even if lockdown rules are relaxed before the big day, there will still be restrictions upon us. 

So what does it mean for businesses? Gone are the extravagant office Christmas parties and huge get-togethers for 2020…but the question is, what can you do to show employees your appreciation for their hard work during these challenging times?

Here, we’ve put some ideas together on how you can still make Christmas special for your staff:

Virtual Party

Now we know some of you may have had enough of Zoom and Microsoft Teams to last a lifetime, but some companies have jumped on the bandwagon who will put on a festive virtual event with a difference, delivering delicious food and drinks to your door, organising activities and helping to get you all in the party mood.

Secret Santa

A tradition for many offices in the run-up to the festive season, so why not carry it on? There are plenty of online secret Santa websites that allocates people electronically and, although you may not be able to swap gifts face to face, especially if you are working from home, but why not simply post gifts instead? You could even organise an online video call to see each other opening the gifts.

Personalised Thank You Letters

Showing you have put a lot of thought behind a gift or gesture can often mean much more to someone than a grand or generic gift. So take a little time to write something personal to each member of your team (this will be dependent on the size of the business of course) and thank them for their specific successes and contributions to the business.


Vouchers to help local businesses when things open back up, why not find ones that offer gift vouchers. This could be anything from restaurants and cafes to independent shops. Not only would it be a lovely treat for your employees, but it’s giving the local economy a boost as well. You could even include these in with the personalised thank you letters discussed above. 

Staff Awards Ceremony

It is human nature to want to receive recognition for hard work, and staff awards can be a great way to do this. But to add an element of fun to it, why not create an ‘alternative award ceremony’ as well, and include categories like ‘messiest workspace award’ or ‘most cups of tea drunk’. This light-hearted approach is sure to put a smile on people’s faces. You could even include thoughtful gifts with each category.

Small Staff Meal Out

Depending on the government regulations at the time, you might be in a position to organise a socially-distanced meal for a group of six in a local pub or restaurant. This simple idea can be a lovely gesture and a great way of enjoying some downtime with your team.

A Day Off

This might be something that is actually appreciated more than anything in these hard times! A simple extra day off for staff in the run-up to Christmas could be a great way to give your thanks.

The important thing to think about is that, during these challenging times, the little things can mean the most. It doesn’t have to be about huge parties or grand gestures, but showing your employees your appreciation is the most important thing. This can go a long way to increasing employee loyalty and morale. And who knows, maybe it’ll help us all start new annual office traditions?

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